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Maggio 2007

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Media Release
11th December 2006


Having a glass of wine has been revolutionised like you have never seen before - by an Australian company.

Hardy Wine Company - Australia's largest wine producer - today unveiled the "Shuttle", an innovative, all-in-one, bottle-glass package that has the potential to redefine the way people around the world drink their wine.

It is the first wine bottle-glass combination to be introduced anywhere in the world.

Developed originally for the Australian season of Varekai™ by Cirque du Soleil ®, the concept has proven so popular with show-goers, Hardy Wine Company has decided to launch the revolutionary bottle nationally.

"Hardy Wine Company has carved an international reputation as a leader in innovation and development - and the "Shuttle" is another example of that excellence," Hardy Wine Company Global Marketing Manager, Ms Miriam Leenders, said.

"We have been extremely satisfied by the "Shuttle" instant appeal and popularity from those people who have had an opportunity to use them," she said

"We believe the new technology has the potential to redefine how people drink their wines the world over - particularly at sporting and other outdoor events, concerts and performances, where glassware is not permitted for safety reasons.

"Another benefit is the peace of mind from a consumer safety point of view, because the consumer opens their own bottle - each time, every time if they desire."
The "Shuttle" features a 187ml (single serve) acrylic wine bottle securely sealed by its own acrylic wine glass. The tamper-proof bottle is opened by a simple twist-top action, which also releases the glass in which the wine is poured.

Hardy Wine Company has launched the "Shuttle" under the Hardys brand in two styles - shiraz and chardonnay.

The ground-breaking concept is being introduced state-by-state as part of the national tour of the latest Cirque du Soleil production - Varekai.

"Shuttles are easy to store and will keep for 12 months - which is almost double the shelf-life of current PET small format bottles," Ms Leenders said.

"Its unique design also enables customers to be served more quickly and efficiently, which has the potential to optimise staffing and boost overall sales," she said.

"We're confident the "Shuttle" technology will soon be applied to other world-renowned brands in the extensive Hardy Wine Company portfolio."

Ms Leenders said in addition to being available at all Australian performances of Varekai by Cirque du Soleil, the Hardys "Shuttle" will be stocked in limited quantities in some states through selected on-trade and retail outlets for a recommended retail price of $4.95 per unit.

A small "test market" consignment of 250ml Shuttles is being shipped under the Hardys Stamp of Australia label to the United Kingdom where Hardys is the number one Australian wine brand. ¦ 31/5/2007 14.09